Sunday, 21 January 2018

An opinion essay

Often, while I was doing history or philosophy I was listening often the questions: "is it useful this?" or "this is a waste of time", Ialso was asking the same thing myself and after a time someone gave to me the answer and made me see that it was useful.
The person who was answered me seid to me that history is useful, firstly, not to forget the fact of the past, for example, the people who have died for defending the rights of the persons and thank to them we have advanced as a society. And secondly to try not to make the same mistakes of the past.
Also, he said to me that the philosophy is useful to think about our actions and about the things that have happened and happen in the present.
In my opinion, this person is in the correct and I agree with him. So instead of not paying attention in these classes I started learning from them.
To conclude with this theme, I don't belive that history and philosophy are a waste of time and money.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

An opinion essay

The world is full of crime, violence, sickness, bad diet, and sedentariness,... Personally, I think that all the problems are important but, if I had to choose one, I would choose the bad diet and sedentariness because in my opinion, it is like the root of a lot of problems big get still.

The scientific evidence show us that the diet can influence on the mood, the health, on the mind,... Also it can prevent a lot of sickness. We are what we eat! There are a lot of scientific studies of the WHO (World Health Organization) wich say that the nutrition can prevent the AIDS, cancer, bone fragility, obesity, diabetes T2, and chronic diseases like fibromyalgia, Alzheimer,...

The sedentariness, from my point of view, is also a big problem of the society because it can cause obesity (for lack of movement) and the obesity can unchain cardiovascular sickness, diabetes T2, bone and articular problems, some kinds of cancer,... and a lot of more. The movement help us to improve our health and to be more actives. One fun way to move is doing sport!

I am sure that if you eat good (real food) and practise sport, you will be more healthy and you will have lest risk of suffering illnesses.

''The teenage years are the most important years of your life''

Personally, I agree with this statement because it's when you are a teen, when you can build your future. In my opinion, when you are old, or older than when you were young, you can't enjoy fully your life, but while you are young you can study what you want, do things that you couldn't do if you are an old person, you can meet persons that they could be your friends, etc...

I strongly believe that when you are a teen, you have to make desicions that will change your life, so I think that it is a hard era for all of us. And of course, the most typical thing when you are a teen are the arguments with your parents, brothers and friends. Another typical thing are the charge of opinions and your preferences.

From my point of view, the teen year's are the most important ones, funny and hard years of a person, but they are the era that a person enjoy's the most.

Nowadays, social networks are very important elements in our society, up to the point that it is difficult to find someone who does not have a Facebook or Instagram account. In muy opinion, we should be careful with them.

First of all, social networks have the effect of reducing the face-to-face talk. It is obvious that when chatting with someone we can not know how he really feels, in contrast with talking. In my opinion, it is a danger because it can make us much more superficial. For that reason, we ougth to try to meet our friends physically and drink a coffee together, which is amazing.

Moreover, I strongly believe that social networks like Instagram can make us be very worried about the image we project to the others. For example, when I take a photo of me, I care more about whether my friends will like it rather than whether I will. This can create serious problems of self-esteem.

Un summary, I believe that social networks may be problematic because they may make us more superficial anda also influence negtively our self-esteem.

Friday, 19 January 2018



Personally, I like these types of topics a lot and I am sure that the teenege years are the most important years of our life. The teneege years are a beautiful chapter in life, it is in this moment when the children start to grow and they start to experiment a lot of new sensations and emotions, which they never had left.

However, if we focus a little more on the subject, I think that this important time is very valuable for many reasons:

Firstly, in this moment the brain of children is revolutionized, therefore they improve their reason and it is for this that teneeger figth o argue whit their parents. The advantages of this is that teens begin to become independent and take their own desicion without depending so much on their parents.

Secondly, it is the famous stage of crazy love. It is completely normally, which in this age boys and girls start to feel "Stranger Thinngs" towards the opposite sex. Begin the getaways, the dates with their boyfriends or girlfriends, the love letters and the gifts and above all the change of mood of the young. Unfortunately, maybe after a time teens will be sad because of a love deception but nothing happens, parents, friends or family will always be there to comfort.

Finally, it is true that young people can bring problems or even hinder coexistence at home because it is possible that they begin their rebellious stage but it is a part of life and at some point they are only memories, therefore you have to enjoy a lot and take advantage of the best years of life!.

An opinion essay

My topic is the "violence in TV/Computergames

Hello my name is Anthony and today I want to talk about a topic that has todo with the efeects of  violence on tv or in videogames, for me it is an intersting topic because I have always heard that, people changer depending on the influences that they receive from others but I, i think  that it has nothing to do whit it because each one is responsible  for what he does and what he should not do .

I'ts true, something has to do with what we see on TV and with the games with play .

People are influenced because they want to, no one forced them to do anything, but in live it is easier to blame others than to know how to admite the mistake we have made .

for this reason all people belive that people change because of the influences of society, but that's not my friends, case each human being chooses  what they want, not because someone tells them .    



I always think what would be the best sport for young people. Im several documents they say that choosing a sport for a young person should not be very hard. My opinion respect is that it is true.

Firstly, the sport you choose should not involve sacrifices or suffering, because that's bad for a young body.

Secondly, we must avoid sports that can cause a risk for the proper growth and development of bones.

Thirdly, I believe that athletics is one of the best sport for young people, because it's a pretty complex sport.

Finally, I think that sport is very important for young people.

To conclude, when you a young person, you had an epoch of  big changes. The exercise will be a great ally to overcome it successfully, it simply should not too hard.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

The fashion spies

What do you think about companies using fashion spies.
How do you feel about the way they categorise young people?

What would you do if you were asked to be a fashion spy?
Do you think that young people spend too much money on clothes and cosmetics?